Scottsdale AZ Electrical Panel Upgrades

Scottsdale AZ Electrical Panel Upgrades

Your Scottsdale home needs electrical power upgrades and electrical Power changes if it has either of the following problems. If your home still uses an old style electrical panel, if over the lifespan of the house, changes has been done to the house’s wiring which might have led to the changes of the code, if your meter sockets are in bad shape, if cables have been destroyed or deteriorated due to atmospheric conditions, and if your circuits are overloaded. Your insurance company might even have demanded that you do an electrical panel upgrade or an electrical panel change before they allow you to subscribe to their insurance policies.

How Do You Know That Your Scottsdale AZ House Needs An Electrical Panel Upgrade Or An Electrical Panel Change?

Your house will need an electrical panel upgrade or an electrical panel change all together if the following problems manifest themselves

  1. Some of the home appliances are not working properly or some of the electric outlets where you connect your appliances are not working. Although there might be problems with your appliances or the electrical outlets, it is important to cross check with your electrician
  2. If the electrician notices trouble with the electrical panel during routine inspections. Electricians can easily notice Electrical panels that need upgrades or changing.

You should probably get a qualified Scottsdale electrical technician to check your Electrical Panel so that he or she can help you determine whether you need an Electrical Panel Upgrade. We are qualified technicians and we can help you in determining whether your electrical panel meets any of the conditions to warrant an electrical panel change. Contact us and we will send one of our technicians to your home to do the inspection.

Must I Upgrade Or Change My Electrical Panel? Why?

We operate on tight budgets and you are probably wondering if you must upgrade your electrical panel. Yes, it is essential that your Electrical Panel is Upgraded or changed. Modern electrical panels are better that the older Electrical Panels in the following ways;

  1. The modern electrical panels have an extra protection. Circuit breakers are fitted into modern electrical panels. These circuit breakers will protect your appliances in case of any fault in the circuit system by simply opening the circuit and thereby cutting the power connection
  2. Modern appliances can easily overload the old electrical panels since the wiring systems and the older electrical panels were not made to serve the modern electrical appliances.

What Types Of Electrical Panels Need Upgrades Or Changing

There are different types of electrical panel that requires changing or upgrades. The following is a list of the electrical panels that need upgrade.

Fuse Boxes

Fuse boxes are the oldest electrical panels. The main defect with these electrical panels is that they were designed to handle a maximum of 60 amps while modern appliances need up to 200 amps to function properly.

Pushmatic Electrical Panels

Pushmatic electrical Panels lack main power breaker switch making them a fire hazard. It is also difficult to reset the electrical panels as they get old making them hazardous to your appliances.

Federal Pacific Electrical Panel

These panels were popular between the 1950s and the 1980s. However, they have major design and manufacturing defects. The US Consumer Product and Safety Commission classify them as hazardous and can cause fire and shock.

Does your home have either of the above types of electrical Panels? Then your Electrical Panel needs an upgrade. Would you wish to change or upgrade your panel? Then please Contact us

Where Can I Get Electrical Panel Upgrade Services in Scottsdale AZ?

There are many providers of electrical power upgrade services. The only difference is the cost, the quality of service and time delivery. When deciding which electrical panel upgrade service to contact you should consider those three factors. Our Scottsdale AZ electrical experts offer electrical panel upgrades to our customers, at affordable prices, and within the timeline of our customers. Contact us to request for a quotation.

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